Customized - Collagen - Youthful Bliss ​- Microdermabrasion - LED Treatments


Facials  All facials include: Cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask & moisturizer.

Customized Facial..................... $75
Let our aesthetician select products that will best address your needs/issues to help restore that vibrant glow.  

Collagen  Facial.......................... $95
Plump up fine lines and wrinkles, intense hydration!  Bonus....after your facial, you get to take the mask home for even greater results with a second application. 

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial ..... $125
Perfect for dry, rough, flakey skin plagued by clogged pores. Let us steam vacuum the accumulated dirt, debris and dead skin cells for a totally clean, fresh, dewy glow!

Hush and Hale Facial........... $75
IF you suffer from ROSACEA or other inflammatory issues this is for you!  Full facial using organic, chirally correct  ingredients to reduce redness, soothe the pain associated with inflamed skin and restore the lipid layer.

Express Facial...................... $45
Short on Time?  Then this is your answer!  Inc: cleansing, rapid marine exfoliation and your choice of either a facial massage OR facial mask, followed by a hydrating moisturizer.

Radiant Renewal................... $60
For the Scalp and Face.  A full refresher from the neck up! Hot towels for the face with foaming exfoliating cleanse to rid the skin of excess residue.  A nutrient dense clay mask is applied to purge impurities.  A soothing scalp and neck massage with nutritious and hydrating oils is also included.Your hair will be oily and messy after this treatment! ​ You may add a shampoo and blowdry for and additional $25.

Microdermabrasion............... $75
Intense exfoliation. Helps to regenerate new skin cells while leaving skin silky smooth.

Chiral Chemical "Peels"
Chiral is a greek word for miror image.  It is believed that every molecular structure has an identical right and left side.  One being beneficial, the other causing inflammation. A chirally corrected product is one that each molecule has been identified and the inflammatory side has been removed, thus leaving only the most efficient and non-irritating molecule behind. 

Bee Dazzeling A"Peel"....... $145
If your skin is in  need of a "wake-up" call, then this facial is for you! Recondition the skin's texture and complexion.  Manuka honey & AHA's nurture and reduce inflammation.  Supports the skin's barrier function.  This is a highly stimulating treatment, so there is no facial massage. It does include cleansing, exfoliation, steam, calming mask and LED anti-aging light treatment.

Ask about our Facial Clubs!  Pre-plan for 12 months and save money!